Causes for Rochester Intersection Accidents

Posted: January 11, 2019

In Rochester, as in any other American city, there are accidents that occur at traffic intersections. City officials are often looking for ways to decrease accidents and prevent injuries at intersections. That type of research starts with understanding why there are so many intersection accidents each year.

Running Red Lights and Stop Signs

A common cause for intersection accidents is drivers not obeying traffic laws and running red lights and stop signs. Despite how dangerous this practice is and the legal penalties that are attached to it, some drivers still hurtle themselves through an intersection. Not only can this cause an accident with other drivers, it can also harm innocent pedestrians as well.

The ideal solution for this problem is having everyone obey the law and drive safely.

Car Malfunction

When you pull your car into an intersection and it suddenly stalls out, that situation can become dangerous. Especially, if other drivers are not paying attention to what is going on.

Poorly maintained vehicles can also be a menace at intersections. If you do not get your car checked by a mechanic regularly, bad brakes can prevent you from stopping properly. If your tires are bad, then making a left into an intersection can become an adventure if one of your tires should blow out. It may not be a bad idea to  have your car looked over by a certified mechanic at least once every six months. This will help to ensure that your car is safe.

Distracted Drivers

It is possible that a driver cautiously approaches an intersection and is then rear-ended by another driver, who is on their smartphone. Distracted drivers at intersections can sometimes be just as dangerous as drivers who purposely run red lights and stop signs.

If you have been hurt in a Rochester car accident, call our firm immediately. Our caring, Rochester accident attorneys understand your frustration, and we want to help you get the maximum compensation to help get your life back on track. 

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