Rochester Bicycle Accidents Happen in Bike Lanes

Posted: September 25, 2018

Bicycle lanes are labeled clearly by painted-on bicycle symbols. They are assigned to the side of roads by white stripes meant to separate bicyclists from vehicle drivers. Bike lanes in Rochester allow bicyclists (not motorcyclists) to travel at different speeds. They also avoid interaction with car and truck drivers. In some cases, bicycle lanes are found on left sides of one-way streets where high numbers of vehicles and transit stops congest the right side.

Bike lanes are designed to increase the safety of bikers. So, why do so many Rochester bicycle accidents occur in bike lanes?

Vehicles Making Turns

Drivers not checking bicycle lanes before turning right may strike a bicyclist. This can cause serious injury to the biker. Alternately, drivers turning left may make a turn before noticing a bicyclist is moving towards them in the bike lane.

Striking Bicyclists with Vehicle Doors

When vehicles are parked beside bike lanes, drivers or passengers may open the car door without checking to see if a bicyclist is riding by. We tend to open our car doors somewhat forcefully. A bicyclist could suffer fractures, lacerations and head trauma if they are knocked off their bicycle.

Intersection Accidents

Some Rochester bicycle accidents involve drivers turning at intersections. Especially when a driver continues without checking bike lanes or failing to stop for red lights or stop signs. Multiple cars are usually driving through intersections. The risk of causing injury to numerous drivers, pedestrians and other bicyclists increases significantly.

Can Injured Bicyclists Take Legal Action Against Negligent Rochester Drivers?

Yes, they can. Bicyclists have the same rights as vehicle drivers. However, only in terms of suffering serious physical injuries due to reckless drivers. If you were riding your bike, obeying traffic laws but are now recovering from physical trauma due to being hit by a car, you have the right to receive adequate compensation. Call William Mattar today to schedule an initial, free consultation with an experienced Rochester bicycle accident attorney to learn more about possible compensation for damages.

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