Car Accident Checklist

After a car accident, your medical appointments, vehicle damage, and time away from work can make life stressful. That’s why William Mattar Law Offices has created a checklist of steps to take that may help protect your legal rights after an accident.

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Protect Your Legal Rights to Compensation

Following these nine steps may help you build a strong injury claim after a car crash:

  1. Record the details of your accident.
    Writing down the specifics of your accident while you still remember them, such as date, time and location, can be helpful when filing a claim after your accident. Also taking pictures/video of the scene, the vehicles involved, location of the crash, and anything else that may be relevant may be useful when filing a claim.
  2. Find out what the other driver has to say about the crash.
    If you speak with the other driver(s) or that other driver’s passengers, pay attention to what they say.
  3. Look around for witnesses of the accident.
    After the accident, see if any motorist have stopped to assist you. If possible get any witnesses contact information; this could be helpful when filing a claim.
  4. Understand your insurance coverage.
    An accident lawyer can help you evaluate your own insurance coverage and explain where other insurance coverage may be available.
  5. Find out where to submit your application for No-Fault benefits.
    Determining where to send your No-Fault application depends on the circumstances surrounding your accident. We’ve put together a No-Fault insurance resource that may help you.
  6. Submit your completed No-Fault application as soon as possible.
    Delaying your No-Fault application can risk your ability to collect compensation for certain injury related expenses.
  7. File for benefits through MVAIC if No-Fault coverage is unavailable.
    The New York State Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation provides No-Fault benefits in cases where there may be no other coverage available to you.
  8. Submit your disability slip and wage verification to your No-Fault insurance company.
    Your No-Fault insurer won’t reimburse your lost wages without documentation of your income and proof that you’re disabled from a doctor.
  9. File your completed New York State Disability benefits application.
    Failure to file for disability benefits may cause your No-Fault wage loss compensation to be reduced.

If you have questions about what to do after your accident, contact William Mattar. We have more than two decades of experience helping injured victims in New York, and we may be able to help you, too. Call our Rochester injury lawyers now so we can start to help you protect your claim.

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