What Do I Look for When Choosing a Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer?

Posted: March 5, 2021

truck vs car accidentYou are injured after an accident with a semi and don’t know where to turn. You might be facing growing medical bills and other expenses that you can’t cover. On top of everything, you were not at fault for the truck crash. As a result, you are looking for the right truck accident lawyer to represent you and your case.

Many factors can influence whether you receive maximum compensation. With multiple semi-truck accident lawyers to consider, you should know what to look for when seeking legal help. Keep reading to learn more about some things to consider when choosing a truck accident lawyer.

How Are Semi-Truck Cases Different? 

Truck accident cases can get complicated. For this reason, you should consider choosing a lawyer who knows how to take on complex accident cases. Some lawyers focus on motor vehicle accidents and represent their injury victims. This focus can be essential. An experienced truck accident lawyer will know how to advocate for your rights and ensure all compensation options are investigated.

Truck Accident Lawyers with Experience Matters.

Along with legal knowledge, experience is critical when it comes to choosing a semi-truck accident lawyer. An experienced attorney will know how to investigate truck-related accident cases, including jackknife accidents, rollovers, squeeze play accidents, garbage truck accidents, and know what to do to achieve maximum compensation.

William Mattar law offices has over 30 years of experience representing truck accident victims. Our dedicated legal team puts our clients first and gives each one the care, attention, and compassion they deserve. With experience, we know how stressful and disorienting an injury can be and can work every step of the way to obtain the best possible outcome.

What are the Different Types of Truck Accident Cases?

Truck accident cases can involve a tractor-trailer or other commercial trucks, such as tow trucks, cement trucks, delivery vehicles, tankers, and dump trucks. These vehicles are typically large, heavy, and difficult to operate, especially when compared to passenger cars. This is one reason why truck crashes can be so devastating to vehicle occupants.

Several different potential factors can cause these types of crashes. It may be falling debris or cargo, a wide turn, a reckless truck driver who is tired or distracted, or a truck maintenance issue such as a tire blowout.

To speak to an accident lawyer who can handle your truck accident case, contact William Mattar today. Our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

Contact a Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Today 

At William Mattar law offices, our injury attorneys know truck accidents, and we know how to fight for the victims they impact. To learn more about how we can help you file a claim for bodily injury compensation, call our offices at (844) 444-4444. Or schedule a free and confidential initial consultation today by completing our online form.

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