Two Injured As The Result Of A Syracuse Truck Accident

Posted: April 19, 2013

April 19, 2013

A Syracuse Truck Accident that occurred last month was responsible for leaving two drivers injured and severely damaging both vehicles. Reports show the crash happened on Wednesday, March 20, in the northbound lanes of Interstate 81, one mile north of the Brewerton exit.

An article published in The Post Standard explains that a delivery truck had become disabled on the side of the highway. As the driver of a tractor-trailer attempted to pass the broken down vehicle, he veered onto the shoulder of the highway and the two trucks collided. The impact of the crash forced the tractor-trailer off the road and down a steep embankment lining the highway before coming to a halt.

Two people were transported from the scene to local hospitals by paramedics for further treatment to injuries they sustained in the accident.

Accidents like this often leave truck drivers and motorists wondering what they can do to prevent such a collision from occurring.

The Syracuse Personal Injury Attorneys with the William Mattar Law Offices say one of the best ways to avoid such a collision is to slow down and move over at least one lane of traffic from a stopped vehicle before passing.

It is also important that motorists have an unobstructed view of the road to prevent accidents. This means having clean windows and mirrors, as well as having capable wiper blades installed.  Following these simple tips can help give a driver the edge they need to stay safe on the road.

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