Troopers to Release Report on Fatal New York Truck Accident

Posted: January 18, 2013

Jan. 18, 2013

Later this month, the New York State Police will release a report detailing the causes of a fatal New York truck accident that occurred last July. A story published by The Watertown Daily Times stated charges may be brought against the driver of the tractor-trailer responsible for causing the collision.

The crash happened on July 19, 2012 just outside the town of Antwerp, New York, when construction along the highway caused traffic to being to back up. Cars were waiting to pass through the construction zone when an oncoming tractor-trailer, driven by a 45-year-old Pennsylvania man, failed to recognize the traffic ahead and collided with the cars.

The impact was forceful enough to kill six people and injure several others. One victim is continuing to recover from his injuries six months later.

An initial investigation determined that driver inattention was likely the cause of the accident,  but an accident reconstruction crew also wanted to examine whether there was enough signage to warn drivers of impending traffic ahead. They later determined that the signage in the area met Department of Transportation codes.

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