New Truck Technology Could Lower Risk of Accidents

Posted: July 7, 2015

camera truck

Samsung has created a “see- through” semi truck that is able to show a driver located behind the truck, any oncoming traffic. This new innovation, using cameras in the front of the trucks to display the visuals on the back, was created in the hopes of lowering the risk of truck accidents caused by drivers not having a clear view around the large trailers attached.

Many accidents occur as drivers try to navigate around trucks to pass them.  It is very difficult to judge the distance and speed of oncoming cars when passing a large truck and often an oncoming vehicle is not seen until it is too late. Another huge risk is passing semi trucks immediately before a thruway exit where there are other vehicles out of sight that can be struck. Samsung will continue to work on the “Safety Truck” along with the government, to gain the permits necessary to hopefully save lives with this invention.

Buffalo truck accident lawyers hope that this is an invention that will become national in the following years as it could significantly lower risk of very serious accident and injury.

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