New Distracted Driving Laws Take Effect for Truck Drivers in New York

Posted: November 6, 2013

November 6, 2013

Every motorist on the road has a responsibility to operate their vehicles safely along the highway, but commercial truck drivers are held to stricter safety regulations. The Truck Accident Lawyers with the William Mattar Law Offices explain this is because being behind the wheel is their profession.

This is why legislators in New York recently passed distracted driving laws for truckers that do not apply to other motorists. Previous law stated truckers were prohibited from using handheld electronic devices only when vehicles were in motion. Now, according to a story from Long Island Business News, the bill prohibits truckers from texting or talking on handheld electronic devices even when vehicles are stopped in traffic or at signals.

The new bill also increased the penalties for truckers who are caught committing distracted driving infractions. While private citizens in New York can be fined between $50 and $150 for breaking distracted driving laws, the state is now in line with federal regulations that call for penalties of up to $11,000 for truckers caught driving distracted.

William Mattar and his team of Personal Injury Lawyers are happy to see efforts being made to prevent distracted driving and protect public safety. The firm is hopeful the new measures are successful in achieving these goals.

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