Do the Number of Syracuse Truck Accidents Increase in Winter?

Posted: February 21, 2019

In order to help reduce the number of truck accidents that happen on Syracuse roads, it may help to examine the reasons why accident numbers may tend to increase.

Reckless Truck Drivers

Truck drivers should know the federal laws governing how long they are allowed to be on the road before they have to take a break. Most truckers obey the law, but some may try to stretch out their runs to make a few extra dollars. Fatigued truckers can be a danger to Syracuse drivers.

Surprise Road Conditions

Truck drivers, including those in Syracuse, sometimes do everything they can to stay updated on road conditions and avoid surprises. But if a trucker does not know about a new patch of road construction or a large tree limb down in a road, then that can cause problems when the trucker arrives.

The Winter

The situations above are only some contributors to the number of truck accidents in Syracuse each year, but they are all significantly enhanced when the winter weather rolls in. The high winds during winter can make it difficult for truckers to maintain control of their rigs. Additionally, lack of daylight in winter months can unexpectedly alter a trucker’s schedule. When the snow and ice on the roads are brought into all of this, you get the conclusion that truck accidents in Syracuse tend to increase during the winter.

If you have been involved in a Syracuse truck accident during any time of the year, we recommend that you contact our experienced legal firm. Our Syracuse accident injury lawyers will take a look at your case and do what we can to get you the maximum compensation available for your situation.

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