Do I need a lawyer for a NYC truck accident?

Posted: June 4, 2018

If you are hit by a truck driver in NYC and suffer serious injuries, you will need to show that the driver was responsible and is liable for paying your damages. Trucking companies may be liable for damages via a legal concept called “vicarious liability”, which means an employer can be held responsible for accidents  caused by employees

Another way fault is proved in a NYC truck-vehicle crash is “negligence per se”. This normally means the driver violated a provision of the Vehicle & Traffic Law.. In addition, it sometimes happens that a trucking company does not screen potential employees and hires incompetent or “bad” drivers. This might give rise to a negligent entrustment or hiring cause of action. An experienced truck accident attorney can perform in-depth background checks of drivers to determine if the driver had repeated traffic convictions indicating the company should never have hired the employee.

Personal Injury and Accident Lawyers Know About Trucking Industry Laws

Trying to handle your own accident case will be difficult because the big rig industry has complex regulations. Truck drivers must possess special commercial driver licenses, take mandated breaks while transporting loads, carry specific load amounts and operate trucks adhering to federal quality control standards. In some cases, a defect in a truck’s component could cause the truck to crash into your vehicle. An accident attorney may be able to obtain compensation from the supplier of the component according to the “product liability” legal theory.

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