Can Truck Driver Shortages Affect Roadway Safety?

Posted: August 5, 2019

Can Truck Driver Shortages Affect Roadway Safety?

How would you answer the question of whether fewer truck drivers on U.S. highways will impact the safety of other drivers? Do you think roadway safety would improve because fewer vehicles traveling on busy interstates would obviously mean fewer accidents?

So what happens when there aren’t enough truck drivers to transport goods across the country? Truck drivers who are currently on the road may be worn out, stressed out and not practicing safe driving habits. In other words, a truck driver shortage could raise your risk of being hit by a truck driver.

When Traveling on Highways and Interstates

If you are driving on a highway and notice many semi-trucks on the road, you should always drive carefully. Speeding is one of the leading causes of car crashes that can result in victims suffering serious physical injuries. If you hit a truck, the consequences can be devastating.

Trucks that are speeding, changing lanes recklessly, or swerving back and forth in their lane may have a driver who is tired, distracted or anxious about getting their load dropped off in time.

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