Will Autonomous Cars Reduce Accidents? 

driver inside self-driving car
Posted: August 9, 2022

Car designers and drivers want autonomous vehicles (AVs) that make crashes a thing of the past.  

Some observers believe self-driving cars will prevent many crashes. Time will tell.  

What Are Automated Vehicles? 

According to a national highway safety agency, the types of vehicles where a traditional driver would no longer be needed have “automated driving systems.”  These vehicles have also been referred to as “automated vehicles.”  The vehicle industry is not fully using the term “self-driving” to describe higher levels of automation, as truly “self-driving” cars are not a technology consumers can purchase and use today, according to the agency.  

According to the federal highway agency, the difference in current technologies is that some driver assistance technologies are designed to warn you if you’re at risk. Others are designed to take action to avoid the crash. 

Can I Get Hurt by an Autonomous Vehicle? 

Vehicle safety promises to be one of AVs main benefits. More automation should limit driver involvement and, by extension, human error.  

What Are Some Human Decision-Making Elements that Lead to Crashes Even in AVs? 

According to some reports, crashes due to only sensing and perceiving errors accounted for 23% of crashes, with incapacitation accounting for 10%. The remaining two-thirds of crashes might still occur unless autonomous vehicles can be programmed to account for predicting, decision-making and performance errors. 

When Will Self-Driving Vehicles be Available? 

The current types of advanced driver assistance systems provide lower levels of automation that can assist a driver by anticipating imminent dangers and working to avoid them. Vehicles with an automated driving system, referred to as “self-driving” cars, are a future technology. You cannot purchase fully autonomous vehicles today, according to a national highway safety agency. Fully autonomous vehicles may not be available until after 2025. Some say only time will tell whether autonomous vehicles reduce accidents.  

Hurt in a Self-Drivign Car Accident? Call William Mattar, P.C. 

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