What Happens if my Lyft Driver Gets in an Accident?

Posted: February 8, 2021

lyft sticker in car windowEach time you take a Lyft trip, you are putting your safety in the hands of a stranger—your Lyft driver. As with any car accident, a Lyft accident can happen at any time and result in serious injuries to the occupants of the cars involved. If you are in the backseat when your Lyft driver causes a car crash, you may be wondering what you need to know.

Continue reading to learn more about what to expect if your Lyft driver gets in an accident.

What Should I Do After a Lyft Accident?

A Lyft accident can take you by surprise, and you may not be sure what to do. Following an accident in a Lyft vehicle, safety is the number one priority. It is crucial to call 911 and seek immediate medical attention if you are injured. If you can do so, you can also collect information at the accident scene that may help you file a future claim. Information can include your Lyft driver’s contact information, photos of the accident, and other relevant details.

Lyft Accident Insurance

Lyft has a liability insurance policy that covers accidents that occur when a trip is in progress. This insurance coverage includes $1 million in primary liability coverage per accident; contingent collision insurance for vehicle damage; contingent comprehensive insurance for vehicle damage from “non-collision events”; and UM/UIM insurance coverage. There are different qualifications for certain aspects of this policy.

If your Lyft driver gets into an accident when you are in the vehicle, you are likely covered by Lyft’s liability insurance policy.

Am I Covered by Insurance after a Lyft Crash?

There may be multiple vehicles and occupants involved in a car accident where a Lyft driver is at fault. Not only does this mean there may be several injury victims, but there may also be several insurance companies involved. It is possible that, even with Lyft’s insurance policy, there may not be sufficient coverage for all vehicle occupants who need it.

In other words, there is no guarantee that you are fully covered by Lyft insurance or any other source of insurance after a Lyft-related crash.

Should I Contact a Lawyer after a Lyft Accident?

Every Lyft accident is different, and the details of the case may impact the amount of available coverage. Depending on the facts of the case, your claim may be denied, and you may find yourself without adequate compensation to cover injury-related expenses, such as medical bills and lost wages or income.

If you are left without insurance coverage after a Lyft accident, an accident lawyer can help you file a claim to get the compensation you need. The car accident lawyers at William Mattar can investigate your accident, collect evidence for your claim, and negotiate with the involved insurance companies to reach a settlement or, if that is not possible, take the case to verdict.

Hurt in a Lyft Accident? Call William Mattar

If you’ve been injured in a Lyft accident, call William Mattar law offices today. Our car accident lawyers are here to make the legal process as easy as possible for you. We will work hard to help you achieve the best possible result. We have offices throughout New York State, so contact us today at (844) 444-4444.

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