Tips to Stay Safe while Ridesharing 

Posted: November 27, 2023

Ridesharing services are a popular way to travel from one destination to another.  

But, while taking an Uber or Lyft is convenient and easy, it does come with its risks. Google “rideshare horror stories” and you’ll get hundreds of thousands of results, including many accounts from passengers who thought they were boarding a verified rideshare vehicle but weren’t.  

How can you stay safe using a rideshare service? While this question cannot be fully answered in this short blog post, there are some online resources that can provide helpful guidance.  

How do I avoid fake rideshare drivers? 

According to Uber’s website, the rideshare company recommends:  

  • Matching the license plate, car, and driver photo with what’s provided in the app.  
  • Ask the driver for your name, which can be seen on the app.  
  • Share your trip status with a friend or family member. 

Also, use your intuition and instincts. If you have a bad feeling, walk away.  

Additional rideshare safety tips  

If possible, it may be advisable to request a ride from indoors, because that will reduce the time spent standing outside alone. Before confirming a pickup, it is also wise to check the driver’s ratings and feedback and cancel the ride if you find something worrisome.  

Once inside the vehicle, wear a seatbelt. Not only is it the law in New York, but seatbelt use saves lives and prevents injury in car crashes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

And Uber recommends being “a back-seat rider,” if possible, because it affords more personal space and allows for a safe exit from either side of the vehicle.  

Is ride-sharing safe? 

Since the start of ride-hailing services, there has been a three percent annual increase in traffic fatalities, according to a study conducted by Rice University and the University of Chicago. Researchers analyzed fatal crash rates in cities with rideshare services and found fatalities rose from a low of 32,885 in 2010 to 37,400 in 2016. 

Lyft reported 49 motor vehicle fatalities in 2019 — 0.79 deaths for every 100 million vehicle miles traveled. Uber reported 101 motor-vehicle fatalities across 91 fatal crashes in 2019-2020. 

It’s unclear whether ridesharing is any more or less safe than other forms of motor-vehicle travel. Danger, unfortunately, always looms on public roadways. Unsafe and irresponsible drivers will always remain a constant possibility no matter the precise form of transportation.  

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