What Does Product Liability Mean?

Posted: July 14, 2021

man with glove holding onto popped tire“Product liability” refers to laws that protect consumers against unsafe or defective products. Essentially, the companies and manufacturers that make dangerous products can be held liable for damages that result. Product liability can be a complex subject, and there are many different types of product liability cases, including those involving defective auto parts.

Product Liability Cases

There are different types of product liability cases that span a multitude of industries. Subjects of product liability cases can include medical devices, equipment, food, medications, and any other product that causes harm to a consumer. At William Mattar, we can handle product liability cases involving defective auto parts and products that seriously injure motor vehicle occupants.

When it comes to faulty auto parts, defects can affect airbags, seat belts, tires, braking systems, steering systems, fuel systems, windshields, and more. Motor vehicles with defects can pose a serious risk to drivers by either contributing to a collision or harming vehicle occupants in the event of a crash.

The party or parties responsible for producing or distributing a product can be held liable for damage caused by that product if it is discovered to be defective. This could potentially be any party involved in the design, manufacturing, or sale of a product. In defective auto product cases, the at-fault party can potentially include any company in the distribution chain, such as a vehicle manufacturer or parts manufacturer.

Types of Product Defects

According to the Legal Information Institute, there are three types of product defects: design, manufacturing, and marketing defects. A design defect can occur before the product is constructed, as it is typically a part of the product’s original design or blueprint. Design flaws often affect an entire make or model of a particular vehicle when it comes to cars.

A manufacturing defect occurs when a specific product is being produced or constructed. These defects may impact only a small number of products or vehicles.

Lastly, a marketing defect pertains to the instructions and warnings intended to inform consumers about potential product dangers. Improper or inadequate product instructions can be marketing-related defects. These can include “failures to warn,” which are failures to notify customers that a product could cause harm.

Class Action Lawsuits

Manufacturers and companies that create defective products can be liable for damages suffered by their consumers. Defects open a company to potential product liability claims made by individuals the product has harmed.

A class-action lawsuit is a legal action made by a group of people all affected by the same product. For instance, if a population of people is injured by a vehicle with defective airbags, they may choose to file a class action lawsuit together to recover damages.

Contact a Product Liability Lawyer at William Mattar 

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