Bounce House Safety- Do You Know How to Keep Your Kids Safe?

Posted: August 11, 2015

When you attend a child’s birthday party in the summer time, chances are you are going to see kids having the time of their lives on a giant inflatable amusement ride. There are all kinds; from bounce houses to giant water slides and even obstacle courses. They are great to keep children entertained and active for hours. But with the excitement comes a risk of hazard and injury.

Stories of these rides blowing away and carrying small children with it, or children falling off of them and hitting hard ground causing injury or even death, are some of the terrifying events that have happened. Parents should not be afraid of letting their children safely enjoy these rides, so we wanted to share some tips to remember:

  • Always make sure the rides are tied down with sandbags, stakes, etc. Using odd or unsecure items other than these also makes for unsafe conditions.
  • Avoid these rides on very windy or rainy days. Weather conditions like these can cause slips or possible lifting of the inflatables.
  • Check for mats or another type of soft landing area on the perimeter around the rides. They should not be placed on concrete or other hard surfaced areas.
  • These rides are meant for children 3 and up (unless a specified area with smaller rides for babies) and children using them should all be around the same age. If you see children older or bigger in size than that of your own, it is best to avoid the ride or wait until all other children exit.

The Buffalo personal injury lawyers want your family to have fun this summer, but always know how to keep everyone safe.

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