A very common concern of every client is: How long will my case take?

Posted: April 20, 2016

There are many factors that affect the length of a motor vehicle accident case. One factor is the severity of injury. When a client has suffered a very serious injury, he or she may require months or years of extensive medical treatment. This, in turn, may cause the case to take longer than a less severe injury with a shorter course of treatment.

A case is built through medical records that document your injury and treatment. Medical records are collected by your attorney that are related to your injury and treatment. Collecting these medical records from your doctors takes time. The more medical records needed, the more time the case may take.

Furthermore, negotiations between your attorney and the insurance adjuster can take time. Negotiations are a good thing. Your attorney is in constant communication with the insurance adjuster and do their best to speed up the negotiation process. They engage insurance adjusters weekly to negotiate settlements and move your case forward as fast as possible.

For more information, contact your car accident attorneys.

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