Improvements Coming for Route 5 to Prevent Albany Pedestrian Accidents

Posted: September 19, 2014

Pedestrian safety is a major concern in New York, mainly due to the high number of collisions between motor vehicles and people traveling on foot. The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles reports a total of 15,832 New York pedestrian accidents in 2012, resulting in  312 deaths and 15,607 injuries.

These concerns have prompted several state and local officials to take action. That’s why a project is slated to break ground in Albany that will improve the city’s infrastructure to improve pedestrian safety.

Route 5—which runs through the center of town—has been plagued by accidents in recent years. In fact, records indicate there have been at least six people killed on the road in recent years due to Albany pedestrian accidents.

These fatalities were just one reason why the Department of Transportation launched an initiative to make roadway improvements and ramp up enforcement and driver education. According to an article from the Claims Journal, this will include installing buttons to change pedestrian signals at crosswalks and extending signal times at several intersections.

The personal injury lawyers with William Mattar Law Offices recognize the risks pedestrians face on the road and would like to applaud the efforts being made to make our state’s roadways safer for all travelers.

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