I was Hurt in a Syracuse Pedestrian Accident. Who Should I call?

Posted: March 1, 2019

If you have ever been hurt as a Syracuse pedestrian, then you are probably wondering what you should do to protect your rights and work towards a recovery from your injuries. There are three important steps you should take if you are ever in a Syracuse pedestrian accident that will help you to get maximum compensation.

Collect Data

As long as you do not need to be immediately transported to an emergency medical facility for your injuries, you should spend time collecting necessary data. If possible, this means getting insurance information from all drivers involved, asking for a copy of the police report, and collecting witness contact information. If you do have to be transported for your injuries, have a friend collect the information for you or ask the police if they would forward you the information.

Get Medical Help

You might have been able to stand up and walk away from your Syracuse pedestrian accident, but that does not always mean you are not injured. Adrenaline can have a way of covering up injuries that could turn out to be serious over time. After you have collected your information from the accident site, if you suspect you were hurt you should consider going to the nearest emergency medical facility or see if your doctor is available to check you out. Your medical records will help to document your injuries.

Contact A Lawyer

Since Syracuse pedestrian accidents can be very complicated, it is in your best interests to secure the services of an experienced lawyer after you have had your injuries attended to. You will want an attorney who has years of experience in pedestrian accidents, and who has a strong legal team to back them up.

Our firm has experienced pedestrian accident lawyers who can represent you for your Syracuse pedestrian accident case. You may want to avoid talking to any insurance companies or making any inquiries about your claim until you have spent some time talking to a lawyer.

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