Focus On School Zone Safety As Children Head Back To Class

Posted: August 31, 2012

August 31, 2012

School will be back in session in Rochester next week and that means drivers need to be vigilant during the morning and afternoon commutes for children in or near the street. According to the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, numerous organizations, including police and local county school boards, are working to prevent pedestrian accidents.

Law enforcement has stated that they will be watching for any motorists who are in violation of traffic laws regarding school zones. Last year, the New York State Police estimated they wrote 225 tickets for this type of infraction alone.

Captain Paul DeLella, a spokesman for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, explained it’s not hardened criminals that are committing these infractions either.

“It’s the average driver not paying attention. Nobody woke up that day and said, ‘I’m gonna drive by a stopped school bus.’ But, with everyone talking on their phones, texting, changing radio stations, playing with their GPSs … those are the people that are driving by and not realizing.”

Some local school districts are also requiring student drivers to participate in a motor vehicle accident prevention course to be eligible to drive to school.

The Buffalo car accident lawyers with the William Mattar Law Offices say that parents should discuss safe driving practices with their teen drivers on a regular basis, but more importantly, show them how to implement safe driving skills by being a role model when behind the wheel.

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