Buffalo Pedestrian Accidents Prompt Safety Study At Notorious Intersection

Posted: August 16, 2013

August 16, 2013

Two women died recently after being involved in separate Buffalo Pedestrian Accidents at a particularly dangerous intersection. Reports indicate the accidents have prompted officials consider making infrastructure improvements to the area in an effort to make it safer for those traveling on foot.

According to an article published by The Buffalo News, the first accident occurred early one June morning, at the crossing of Niagara Falls Boulevard and Willow Ridge Drive in the suburb of Tonawanda. The victim was attempting to walk through the intersection when she was struck and killed by a vehicle.

More recently, a woman was killed at roughly 9 a.m. last Friday when she attempted to cross the intersection to get to a bus stop. The driver who hit the woman stated they simply did not see her in the road.

These accidents have prompted the town of Tonawanda Police Department to call on the Department of Transportation to conduct a study on the safety of the intersection and what improvements may benefit the area.

Some of the most highly discussed changes could include better lighting and longer crossing times for pedestrians. Experts say pedestrians should also take precautions when at intersections by obeying traffic signals and utilizing designated crosswalks.

The Personal Injury Lawyers with the William Mattar Law Offices applaud any improvements that can help prevent accidents involving pedestrians caused by defective roadway designs.

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