William Mattar Launches Be Nice Look Twice Campaign to Promote Motorcycle Safety Awareness

Posted: May 3, 2021

William Mattar law offices launched its Be Nice Look Twice SM motorcycle safety awareness campaign to remind all drivers to be extra cautious as motorcyclists return to New York’s roads this spring. Accident lawyer, William Mattar, created this campaign to help reduce the number of accident injuries and fatalities involving motorcycles by encouraging motorists to watch for motorcycles and share the road. Motorcycle riders face numerous safety risks when compared to other motor vehicle drivers.

“Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle can sometimes be dangerous. What bends the fender of an automobile can throw a motorcycle from the roadway,” said William Mattar. “Motorcycles are much smaller than other motor vehicles and lack the protection a car or truck offers. Giving motorcycles extra space, checking your blind spots when switching lanes or turning, and avoiding driver distractions could prevent a crash.”

William Mattar encourages all drivers to Be Nice Look Twice SM and watch for motorcycles. Throughout May, William Mattar law offices will provide information on its website and social media platforms about the steps drivers can take to help prevent accidents with motorcycles. By raising awareness for motorcycle safety, together William Mattar law offices and the community can work towards making roadways safer for everyone. For more information, visit the motorcycle safety  awareness campaign page on the William Mattar website.


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