Why Cars Do Not See Bikers

Posted: January 29, 2021

Accidents betwCar vs Motorcycle Accidenteen motorcycles and cars often lead to significant injuries to the motorcyclist, simply because they are less protected. Further, car drivers often do not see motorcyclists, making the roads potentially more dangerous for bikers. Of course, there are ways motorcyclists can increase their visibility on the road and make it easier for cars to see them. However, why do car drivers sometimes struggle to see motorcyclists on the road?

Why Car Drivers Sometimes Fail to See Motorcyclists

There are significant differences between cars and motorcycles. First, motorcycles usually accelerate faster than cars. They are more agile and can maneuver between lanes more easily. Motorcycles also may have to avoid hazards on the road, such as potholes, which cars can drive over. This means that motorcycles sometimes have to maneuver the roadway more frequently than a car driver.

Motorcycles have a lower profile, can come up to speed quickly, and change lanes suddenly. All of that put together can lead to a motorcycle accident. According to one study, car drivers have a much harder time seeing a bike approach than other types of vehicles. Certain situations can be more dangerous for bikers. For instance, windy conditions can cause a motorcyclist to move into other traffic lanes, leading to a potential accident.

Motorcyclists can also find themselves in the blind spots of cars, and accidents can occur when a driver changes lanes and fails to see the motorcyclist. Bad driving conditions are dangerous for motorcycles, as they can reduce visibility. Finally lane splitting, which happens when a motorcyclist drives between lanes, can also contribute to an accident, as it can potentially be an unexpected maneuver that places the motorcycle in the car’s blind spot. Motorcyclists who can avoid these high-risk situations may reduce the risk of a motorcycle accident while riding.

Taking steps to mitigate the damage done and limit the risk can help. Practicing safe driving on the road can help keep other motorists safe.

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