National Ride to Work Day 2022

ride to work 2022
Posted: June 20, 2022

William Mattar, P.C. works tirelessly to educate and spread awareness for all types of transportation. In May we spread motorcycle safety awareness, and this dedication to safety is why we are spreading the word that June 20th, 2022 is Ride To Work Day! Ride to Work Day celebrates motorcycle riding- whether it’s for a daily commute or recreational, safety comes first.

There’s a lot of work and awarness to be done in order to make our roads safer for motorcycles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety (NHTSA) in 2015, there were 4,976 motorcyclists killed—an 8-percent increase from the 4,594 motorcyclists killed in 2014. Motorcyclist fatalities occurred nearly 29 times more frequently than passenger car occupant fatalities in traffic crashes per vehicle mile traveled.

What is Ride to Work Day?

Ride to WOrk the name of the event, but also the name of the non-profit volunteer organization that runs it. Presently, Ride To Work Day is held the 3rd Monday in June each year, and the program advocates and supports the use of motorcycles and scooters for transportation. The first Ride to Work Day took place in  1992. In the year 2000, Ride to Work formed a 501 c4 non-profit organization, to help organize and promote Ride to Work Day. The first Ride to Work Day event led by the not-for-profit was held in 2001.

Why Ride to Work?

The goal of riding your motorcycle/scooter on Ride To Work Day is to demonstrate the number of motorcyclists to the general public and politicians, that motorcyclists are from all occupations/walks of life, that motorcycles/scooters can reduce traffic congestion in larger cities, and that motorcycles are for transportation purposes, not just recreational.

Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident?

The motorcycle accident lawyers at William Mattar have the knowledge and experience to handle many kinds of auto accident injury cases. If you were injured while riding your motocycle, consider giving us a call to speak with our knowledgable attorneys. 844-444-4444. Or submit a consultation form online.

More Ride to Work Day Information:

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