What Injuries Are Common in Motorcycle Accidents? 

car and motorcycle in opposite directions
Posted: September 13, 2022

While most drivers are surrounded by the steel frame of a sedan, motorcyclists can be at the mercy of the road, weather, and various other hazards.  Per vehicle miles traveled in 2020, motorcyclists were 28 times more likely to die in a crash than occupants of a motor vehicle and four times more likely to be injured, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).  

According to the NHTSA, safe motorcycling “takes balance, coordination, and good judgment.” But sometimes no matter what precautions are taken, other motorists on the road who act negligently can inflict serious bodily injuries.  

Different Types of Injuries 

Motorcyclists can wear helmets, leather jackets, boots, gloves, and other protective equipment to mitigate the risk of serious injury.  According to some sources, 5,579 motorcyclists died in 2020, an increase from prior years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, helmet use saves thousands of lives each year.   

Here are some possible injuries that can be sustained in a motorcycle accident: 

  • Road rash: Asphalt, dirt roads, and pavement are all abrasive surfaces. Boots, gloves, and other protective gear can potentially reduce the extent of road-rash injuries.  
  • Lacerations: Deep cuts and scratches are common motorcycle injuries. Whether the motorcyclist is cut by twisted metal in the accident or broken glass, rocks, or even other vehicles, such injuries can be very serious, requiring  stitches and even surgery. 
  • Broken bones: The force of a motorcycle accident can easily fracture bone.   
  • Organ damage: Soft organs such as the liver, spleen, lungs, and other systems can be  vulnerable during a motorcycle accident.   Other serious injuries, such as a damaged liver, kidney, or lung can potentially result in permanent damage. 
  • Traumatic brain injuries: If the brain suddenly shifts inside the skull during a collision, it can experience concussive forces, resulting in bruising and potential bleeding.  Closed head injuries can happen in a motorcycle accident even though a helmet was worn.  
  • Broken teeth: The trauma of a motor vehicle collision can break, or chip, teeth.  
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder: Surviving a motorcycle accident can mean dealing with lasting psychological effects, in additional to physical injuries. 

In Search of a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

No matter the precautions taken, anyone who rides a motorcycle on New York roads is unfortunately at risk of becoming involved in an accident. If you are involved in an accident and are seeking legal representation so you can make a claim for pain and suffering, you’re bound to have questions. The attorneys at  William Mattar, P.C. would be honored to review the circumstances of your unique case to see if they can help.  Contact us online or by calling (844) 444-4444.

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