Glossary: Pedestrian

William Mattar Glossary
Posted: September 27, 2022


The New York Vehicle and Traffic Law defines a pedestrian as “[a]ny person afoot or in a wheelchair.”  

The term is used in many provisions of the Vehicle and Traffic Law, including, but obviously not limited to, sections 1146 (“Drivers to exercise due care”); 1152 (“Crossing at other than crosswalks”); 1151 (“Pedestrians’ right of way in crosswalks”); 1156 (“Pedestrians on roadways”); 1111 (“Traffic-control signal indications”); 1112 (“Pedestrian-control signal indications”); 1150 (“Pedestrians  subject to traffic regulations”); and 1142 (“Vehicle entering stop or yield intersection”).  

The Vehicle and Traffic Law confers a number of benefits, as well as a number of responsibilities, upon those who qualify as “pedestrians.”

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