Glossary: Field Adjuster (Property Damage)

Posted: June 1, 2022

William Mattar GlossaryField Adjuster (Property Damage):

A field adjuster, usually an employee of an insurance company, helps evaluate the damages suffered during an accident, including both personal and property damages, and offers an estimate of that damage that will help indicate the compensation that the liable party deserves.

Often, the field adjuster will come out and take a personal look at the damages to property, including vehicles or homes, then put that information together to create a settlement amount.

A field adjuster will look at several key details, including: 

What Likely Caused the Damage

In order to create an accurate estimate, the field adjuster will consider whether the accident, as described, could reasonably have caused the damage the plaintiff claims.

For example, if a field adjuster discovers old damage on a vehicle, clearly caused before the accident caused by the party that the insurance company covers, the field adjuster might not authorize repairs for that damage.

The Cost to Repair or Replace the Damage

As part of the evaluation, the field adjuster will take a comprehensive look at exactly what damage was sustained and what it will cost to repair the damage. Sometimes, that may be based on an estimate given by a repair shop. In other cases, the adjuster will take a look at the receipts and records submitted by the injured party to get a better idea of what it will cost to repair or replace the item.

In the case of medical bills, a field adjuster may consult with medical care providers or take a look at the patient’s medical records to ascertain the extent of the damage.

Hurt in a Car? Call William Mattar

A field adjuster is one of the vital parts of an insurance claim involving property damage. If your claim includes bodily injury, however, the car accident attorneys at William Mattar, PC are here to help.

Contact us today or call 844-444-4444 to learn more about the compensation you may be entitled to for personal injuries sustained in a serious accident.

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