Glossary: Strain 

William Mattar Glossary
Posted: October 28, 2022


According to the Mayo Clinic, a “strain” occurs when a bodily tissue (typically a muscle or a tendon) has been overstretched or torn partially or fully.  

A “cervical strain” is a common type of strain that may ensue because of a motor vehicle accident. This kind of strain can result from sudden acceleration or deceleration, often seen in a rear-end automobile collision. Some individuals may claim that a cervical strain is only a “minor” or “temporary” injury. However, these strains can in fact be serious injuries that amount to severe symptoms for car accident victims. Thus, under certain circumstances, an individual who has sustained a cervical strain injury in a New York State car accident may still be able to make a claim for pain and suffering, especially if that person did not have prior complaints of similar pain before the accident occurred.  

According to Mayo Clinic, common symptoms of a strain may include, but are not limited to:  

  • pain, tenderness, or discomfort; 
  • redness or bruising; 
  • limited motion; 
  • muscle spasms or weakness; and 
  • swelling.  

Someone who may have symptoms resembling a strain may have also sustained a serious injury to the spine, including a herniated or bulging disk. A medical provider will be able to ascertain the nature and extent of injuries.  

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