Super Bowl LIV New Commercial Debut For Car Accident Attorney William Mattar

Posted: January 30, 2020

We are pleased to announce that William Mattar law offices will unveil the latest chapter in the “Meet William Mattar” television ad campaign during Super Bowl LIV. The new 30-second television commercial depicts William Mattar growing up, reflecting on his childhood and desire to win. The spot will air regionally in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse during Super Bowl LIV.

“There is always a hyped buzz surrounding Super Bowl commercials. These spots are talked about as much as the big game itself, so we thought it would be a great time to launch our new commercial while a lot of people are watching live television,” said William Mattar. “We believe that our new “Growing Up” spot will be one of the most talked about local Super Bowl commercials. In the days leading up to the game, we have big things planned to tease and create buzz in anticipation of airing our new spot.”

In September 2019, Mr. Mattar hired Lerner Advertising, located in Beverly Hills, Michigan, to produce the firm’s “Growing Up” commercial. The spot uses child actors to portray a young William Mattar playing and winning. This is the second television commercial in a series of unique advertisements that provide a glimpse into William Mattar’s personal life. The spot is narrated by William Mattar’s mother, Phyllis Margrey, and she also appears in the spot. The 30-second commercial has been uploaded to the firm’s YouTube channel located here:

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