Remembering Phyllis Mattar Margrey in Her William Mattar Ad Appearances

Posted: March 9, 2022

William Mattar and his MotherPhyllis Mattar Margrey was surprised when she was recognized by so many after appearing in her son’s commercials for William Mattar, P.C. In her debut for a commercial, which aired during the 2020 Super Bowl, Phyllis said, “Hurt in a car? Call my son, William Mattar!”

Sadly, Phyllis passed away on March 3, 2022. She loved being a part of the lives of her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  She lead by example in teaching her family to care about others.  Throughout her life, she helped financially struggling families, children in need, and multiple charities.

When it came to being in her son’s commercials, William said, “She was an absolute natural. She loved doing them.”

Remembering Phyllis Mattar Margrey

William Mattar Announces Passing of His Mother

Teacher and Volunteer Appeared in Son’s TV Commercials

Thank you for the overwhelming amount of support.

Watch William Mattar’s Mom in His Commercials

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