In Honor of Father’s Day, Buffalo Event Recognizes Leaders in our Community

Posted: June 14, 2016

William Mattar was recognized on Saturday at the first annual Father’s Day Extravaganza at the Crucial Community Center in Buffalo, NY.  The award, designated by Sharon Tell, President of Keeping the Peace, recognized those who make a difference in the Buffalo community.  This award is for “being an exemplary father with dedication to your family and for all the hard work that you do in the community.  Your efforts have made our community a better, safer and brighter place to live.”

Along with William Mattar law offices local community groups were also honored including Buffalo SNUG Violence Prevention Initiative.  This community group works to prevent violence before it starts through mediation, timely action planning and community outreach in the Buffalo area.

Erie County Legislator Barbara Miller-Williams was in attendance at the event along with Buffalo Special Police who were also recognized for their volunteer force efforts.  There was also support for this event by Fillmore Councilman David A Franczyk.

“As it is our firm’s goal to help as many people as possible, we respect and appreciate the efforts of Buffalo SNUG and would like to thank them for working to keep our community safe.”

-William, Mattar Esq.

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