Edward Gibson Presents Onondaga County Defensive Driver Class

Posted: September 30, 2019

Car Accident Attorney Edward GibsonWilliam Mattar car accident injury attorney, Edward Gibson, recently spoke at two separate sessions with Onondaga County employees, in a safety-focused class on defensive driving.  Mr. Gibson addressed driver inattention as a major cause of accidents and as a major source of liability for drivers involved in motor vehicle accidents.  He explained various types of visual, physical and cognitive distractions that drivers face. He also discussed why cognitive distractions are the most difficult to recognize and avoid.  Participants were surprised to learn that, while cell phone use while driving continues to be an issue, the largest source of driver distraction often comes from a driver’s interaction with others in the vehicle.

Mr. Gibson provided his audiences with practical tips to help combat common distractions and avoid driver inattention. He also provided suggestions on the steps to follow if ever involved in a car accident or truck accident. This information may be helpful in setting the stage for a lawyer to most effectively assist them, in the event they suffer serious injury in an accident.

“I hope that each participant took away one or two pieces of information that they did not have before they attended the presentation. In the event that they are, unfortunately, injured in a car accident, this information could help protect their legal rights. I look forward to addressing this group again as part of their annual training program.”, said Mr. Gibson.

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