William Mattar Law Offices Kicks Off Fifth Annual “In the Heat Check the Seat” Safety Awareness Campaign

Posted: June 30, 2020

William Mattar law offices is pleased to announce the kick-off of its fifth annual In the Heat Check the Seat campaign to raise awareness of the heatstroke-related tragedies that take place when children and animals are left in hot motor vehicles. Every year, dozens of small children and animals left or trapped in parked motor vehicles die from hyperthermia, a life-threatening condition that can occur when the body’s temperature overheats. For this reason, car accident attorney William Mattar is raising awareness by giving away thousands of free safety decals as a reminder to parents and caregivers to always check the backseat before exiting a vehicle.

“Often parents and caregivers can be taken away from their normal routines and become distracted as they head out on the road. They may arrive at their destination while forgetting that they were traveling with their child, and suddenly that child is left in a very hot vehicle exposed to extreme heat temperatures within minutes. Unfortunately, this is something we hear about regularly in the summer months, and our goal with this campaign is to spread awareness and prevent these tragedies from happening in our community,” said William Mattar.

William Mattar encourages parents, caregivers, and local businesses to join this campaign by requesting free In the Heat Check the Seat safety decals at williammattar.com. The safety decal should be placed where it will be visible when exiting your vehicle (console, driver side door, or lower left widow corner) but not interfere with the driver’s view. This decal is a reminder to never leave a child or a pet behind, especially on a hot day. All requested decals will be sent by mail. This simple reminder may save a precious life. Together we can help keep our children and pets safe. For more information on William Mattar’s In the Heat Check the Seat campaign, visit https://williammattar.com/community-involvement/programs-and-campaigns/in-the-heat-check-the-seat/.

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