Bar Association of Erie County Honors Buffalo Car Accident Lawyer William Mattar

Posted: June 15, 2018

When you hear the name William Mattar, you immediately think of the popular law firm slogan, Hurt In A Car, Call William Mattar… 444-4444. You may also be familiar with some of their many safety campaigns and numerous organizations the firm supports. Car accident lawyer William Mattar has been honored by many associations over the years.

William Mattar has recently been honored by the Bar Association of Erie County and presented the Award of Merit. He was ‘chosen in recognition of a career dedicated to the service of others.’  Work with the Erie County Bar Foundation, Boy Scouts of America, and Safe and Sober New Year’s Eve Program are just a few examples of William Mattar unselfishly giving his time for the benefit of the community. Helping thousands each year through William Mattar law offices, he also chairs events, is President or past President of a number of foundations and organizations, and is a philanthropist committed to a variety of causes.

The Bar Association of Erie County’s Award of Merit is ‘reserved to recognize extraordinary circumstances.’ Honored at the recent Bar Association Dinner, William Mattar joins the ranks of those in the legal field excelling in their profession and making great contributions to better the lives of their neighbors and community.

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