William Mattar Wins 2023 Golden Gavel Award for best 30-second TV Commercial 

William Mattar at the social media award
Posted: July 26, 2023

When you think of awards shows, the Grammys and the Oscars might come to mind.  

So, you might be surprised to learn that law firm commercials have their own prestigious awards. This year, attorney William Mattar, a renowned car accident injury lawyer from New York State, has won the coveted Golden Gavel Award for his 30-second TV commercial. The Golden Gavel Awards, hosted by National Trial Lawyers, recognize the best advertising efforts by law firms across the United States. 

Awards and Competition 

With nearly 400 entries in various award categories, the competition was fierce. Yet, it was William Mattar’s unique and engaging commercial that stood out, earning him the 2023 Golden Gavel Award for Best 30-Second TV Commercial. Mr. Mattar worked with Lerner Advertising to produce the piece. This remarkable achievement showcases the creativity and commitment that William Mattar brings to his work in the legal field.  

What’s more, William Mattar law offices also made The National Trial Lawyers A-List for the top influential advertising law firms in the United States, based on Nielsen Media Research data. 

The Winning Commercial 

So, what made this 30-second commercial a winner? According to Mr. Mattar, the commercial struck the perfect balance between humor and showcasing the firm’s capabilities. “This one was perfect. We have a few others of me doing other normal activities, but this one was just exceptional. It was funny. It humanized me,” Mr. Mattar said. “But at the same time, it showed what we can do to help our clients.” 

Thanks to Lerner Advertising, the combination of a lighthearted tone and a clear message about the firm’s dedication to helping clients resonated with viewers. The ability to humanize a legal professional, while also emphasizing his expertise, is no easy task. But Lerner and Mattar managed to pull it off flawlessly, resulting in a memorable and impactful commercial that has now been recognized with a prestigious industry award. 

A Reflection of Excellence 

The Golden Gavel Award is not only a testament to William Mattar’s marketing prowess; it also reflects the exceptional legal services his firm provides to clients. As a car accident injury lawyer in New York State, William Mattar has built a reputation for fighting for the rights of his clients and helping them secure compensation for their injuries. 

In an industry where standing out from the competition is critical, William Mattar’s Golden Gavel Award victory is a clear indicator of his firm’s commitment to providing the best possible legal representation for car accident injury victims. As a result of this creative and memorable commercial, potential clients can be confident that when they choose William Mattar they are choosing an attorney who truly cares about their wellbeing and will go above and beyond to ensure their needs are met. Congratulations to William Mattar on this outstanding achievement! 

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