Posted: August 1, 2017

With school supply shortages in many inner city and suburban schools, the William Mattar Pencils 4 Schools campaign is once again ready to roll!

“Seeing the program grow to this level in just a few short years shows the tremendous need for the most basic of supplies. We’re glad we can help schools in some way,” William Mattar says of the teachers who have stepped forward to request pencils for their classrooms and fellow educators.

With school budgets tightening more each year, schools as well as parents are having a tough time providing all of the supplies needed. Teachers often find themselves reaching into their own pockets to purchase items for their classrooms and pencils are always on the list. Just last year, teachers receiving pencil donations told of how countless numbers of students often show up for class without something to write with not only during normal school days, but during crucial school and state examination times. It is for this reason that many teachers not only look forward to receiving these pencils, but they are more than happy to spread the word to fellow educators also in need of supplies.

With the Pencils 4 Schools campaign in full force during the month of August, pencil distribution will surpass the million pencil mark by the end of August. Register for the program and request pencils for your classroom today.

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