William Mattar Teams Up with Designated Drivers as the Superhero Combo to Help Ring in the New Year

Posted: December 29, 2016

2016 new Safe And Sober

“Last year was our biggest program yet.  Our firm and Designated Drivers will do our best to expand this program to make accessible to as many people as possible.”

-William Mattar, Esq.

With new restaurants and swanky venues popping up all over the city of Buffalo this year, the possibilities are endless for the place to be when the ball drops.  Whether you are attending the Statler City Ice Ball, meeting friends at Osteria, or grabbing a beer at Big Ditch Brewing Company, William Mattar wants to help you make it home safe and sound when the party stops, with the William Mattar Safe and Sober Free Ride Home Program.  After an overwhelming response to last year’s program, the auto injury attorney is sponsoring this event again, with the most innovative choice of transportation solutions in Western New York, Designated Drivers of Buffalo.

With the tremendous response to this program last year for New Year’s Eve, the public should be aware that there could be wait times during certain points of the evening.  “We have worked hard this year to add more drivers and dispatchers to accommodate the success of this program” says Designated Drivers’ owner, Michael Mule. While there is usually a charge for this convenient service, William Mattar will be picking up the tab. This program pays for rides originating in the city of Buffalo with a maximum drop-off distance of 20 miles within Western New York from midnight to 4 am.  For more info, go to WilliamMattar.com.

Designated Drivers’ owner, Michael Mule has reinvented the concept of car service in a way that distinguishes itself from all the others.  “We do not encourage or promote the over consumption of alcohol, we simply face the reality that it is prevalent in our society. We offer a no-excuse solution to a very old problem.” says Mule.  He has created a system where Designated Drivers sends two experienced and uniformed drivers to take both you and your car home.  This eliminates the issue of how you’ll retrieve your vehicle the following day.


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