William Mattar Pencils 4 Schools Campaign: Empowering Education in New York State 

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Posted: August 16, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the completion of another successful William Mattar Pencils 4 Schools program! 

On July 24, 2023, we proudly launched a new season of Pencils 4 Schools, our campaign to support local education. The William Mattar Pencils 4 Schools program helps equip students with school supplies, lessening the financial burden on teachers.  

To date, we have more than 2 million donated pencils for teachers to supply students from their classrooms. 

Making a difference in our schools 

The team at William Mattar, P.C., understands quality education is one cornerstone of a bright future. And yet many teachers find themselves buying essential supplies out-of- pocket because of school budget constraints.  

That’s where our Pencils 4 Schools program comes in. We aim to ease this financial strain and ensure all students have what they need to start the academic year right. 

Milestones Worth Celebrating 

From its inception, the Pencils 4 Schools initiative has aimed to bridge the gap between dwindling school budgets and the rising needs of students and teachers. This year, once again, we were able to reach countless classrooms across New York State. Every pencil signifies not just a tool for writing but a symbol of our unwavering support for education and our belief in the potential of every student. 

Our Partners in Impact: The Teachers 

Teachers from across the state, both new to our program and returning participants, enthusiastically registered to receive their bulk boxes of pencils. Their commitment to ensuring their students have the necessary resources is commendable. The William Mattar team extends its deepest gratitude to these educators who work tirelessly to mold the future of our communities. 

Community Reflections 

The in-person pencil pick-up event at our Williamsville office was a day to remember. Meeting dedicated educators, sharing stories, and witnessing firsthand the anticipation for the new school year was truly heartwarming. And for those who received their supplies shipped directly to their schools, we hope the packages brought smiles and relief. 

A Few Important Thank Yous 

Our success wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative spirit of the community. A big shout-out to all the volunteers, logistical teams, and staff who made the registration, organization, and distribution processes seamless. Your behind-the-scenes work ensured that the campaign ran smoothly from start to finish. 

Looking Forward to 2024 

While this year’s campaign has concluded, the spirit of giving and supporting our educational community remains. The feedback and stories shared by teachers and students alike fuel our commitment to bring back the William Mattar Pencils 4 Schools program in 2024, aiming to reach even more classrooms and create a bigger impact. 

As pencils scribble away in classrooms, signifying dreams, aspirations, and hard work, we are reminded of the importance of community support. To every individual who played a role, big or small, in the 2023 campaign – Thank You. Together, we’ve made a difference, one pencil at a time. 

See you next year! 

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