William Mattar Launches Drive Distracted, Lives Impacted Awareness Campaign

Posted: April 1, 2021

In support of National Distracted Driving Awareness month this April, William Mattar law offices is launching its Drive Distracted, Lives Impacted campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving – a problem for all drivers, especially teens and young adults. Severe crashes can be caused by distracted driving. Throughout April, William Mattar law offices will provide information on its website and social media platforms about the essential steps you can take to stay focused and make the roads safer for everyone.

“We want all drivers to be informed about the life-altering consequences of distracted driving,” said William Mattar. “Teens and young adults are particularly at risk of being involved in distracted driving accidents. With our Drive Distracted, Lives Impacted campaign, we hope to challenge everyone to think twice before picking up their cell phones while driving because that one small, seemingly, innocent action can be fatal. Our goal is to spread awareness and keep the roads safe.”

William Mattar encourages all drivers to avoid distractions while behind the wheel by pulling over before texting, scrolling through social media, or conducting other tasks that keep your attention off the road while driving. Visit: Drive Distracted, Lives Impacted for more information.

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