William Mattar Turns Dreams into Reality Through Taylor Swift Ticket Donation 

William Mattar donates Taylor Swift tickets
Posted: June 13, 2023

William Mattar Donates Taylor Swift TicketsNew York motor vehicle accident lawyer William Mattar is no stranger to helping those in need, but the firm’s latest act of generosity extends beyond the courtroom, touching the hearts of many in a unique and inspiring way. Upholding its philanthropic mission, William Mattar, P.C. generously donated Taylor Swift concert tickets to Kaely’s Kindness Foundation.


About Kaely’s Kindness Foundation 

Kaely’s Kindness Foundation, to whom the concert tickets were donated, is an extraordinary organization dedicated to providing emotional and social support to teenage girls battling cancer. Founded in honor of Kaely Kwitek, who bravely fought cancer herself, the Kindness Foundation seeks to create an environment where young girls can maintain their dignity and spirit while dealing with this challenging disease. From support groups to social activities, Kaely’s Kindness Foundation goes above and beyond to ensure these girls don’t face their battles alone. 


Meet Lucy 

This heartwarming gesture was made in favor of Lucy, a brave cancer survivor, and dedicated Swiftie, whose strength, selflessness, and commitment to helping others truly personify the spirit of Kaely’s Kindness Foundation. Lucy’s dream of experiencing a Taylor Swift concert had been shrouded in a painful memory: Her mother was unfortunately scammed while attempting to purchase tickets. However, thanks to the empathetic intervention of William Mattar, P.C., Lucy will now be able to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience, bringing her much-deserved joy and creating a lifelong memory. 


Making Dreams Come True 

For their part, William Mattar, P.C. has shown a remarkable commitment to helping communities in a variety of ways. This benevolent act exemplifies how they not only excel in providing legal services but also in contributing to social causes that create a lasting impact. Their donation of the Taylor Swift concert tickets will do more than just provide Lucy with a night of stellar entertainment—it serves as a symbol of community solidarity and kindness. 


Kaely’s Kindness Foundation expressed its profound gratitude to William Mattar, P.C., for the firm’s compassionate contribution. The donation didn’t just bring joy to Lucy—it also sent a message of support, hope, and resilience to all the young girls within the foundation who are courageously fighting cancer. 


The true essence of community lies in our capacity to help one another. Through acts of generosity such as these, we can continue to foster an environment of kindness and mutual support, truly making a difference in the lives of those around us. 


Together, with the help of compassionate contributors, Kaely’s Kindness Foundation will continue its noble mission, turning dreams into reality for young girls facing the battle against cancer. 


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