The William Mattar Pencils 4 Schools Program Opens Registrations for 2019

Posted: July 15, 2019

Car accident injury attorney, William Mattar’s, pencil donation to top 2,000,000 this summer.

Even though the school year has just ended, auto injury attorney William Mattar is already getting donations ready with the annual Pencils 4 Schools program.  School supply needs can be a burden on teachers and parents and this program helps students to be prepared for class each day with a pencil in hand.

Over the last several years, William Mattar has donated pencils throughout New York State and with the amount of pencils available for donation this year, the 2,000,000 pencils mark will be reached. The most basic of school supplies continues to be one of the most important as teachers report students unprepared for class and left to ask their teacher for a pencil.  In some extreme cases students steal pencils from other students or even teachers.  With students prepared to start the day with a pencil in hand teachers can get right to work teaching without disruptions.

Elementary school teachers, school administrators and educators, are encouraged to register online for pencils here: Each bulk box contains 250 pencils and all registrants can request up to 2 boxes (500 pencils). Registration will be open while supplies last, with the pencils pickup event being help on Saturday, August 17th at the William Mattar principal office at 6720 Main St., Williamsville, NY 14221 from 10am-2pm. Closer to the day of the event, registrants should be on the lookout for an official email invite to the pencil pickup which will also have food trucks, Maria’s Bene Cibo and KCafe, on hand for anyone wishing to purchase lunch while on premises.

The William Mattar Pencils 4 Schools Program would like to thank everyone in advance for their participation and for adhering to the program guidelines.

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