Senator Calls for Carbon Monoxide Detectors in All University Dorm Rooms

Posted: February 20, 2013

Feb. 20, 2013

After a handful of University of Buffalo students became seriously ill due to a Carbon Monoxide (CO) leak in a campus dorm, New York lawmaker, Senator Timothy Kennedy, is calling for every public university dorm room in the state to be outfitted with a CO detector.

According to an article from The Buffalo News, reports indicate that a hot water heater wasn’t properly vented, allowing CO to build inside of the building. The leak eventually led to seven students suffering mild Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Senator Kennedy was quick to point out a state fire code requiring a CO detector to be installed within 15 feet of all sleeping areas, and he called for State University of New York officials to reconsider their policies governing dorms.

The Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyers with William Mattar Law Offices recognize the dangers a CO buildup can present in any residence, and they support any measure that pushes for individuals to be protected by CO detectors. The firm believes in CO detectors so much that they have offered the devices for free!

Attorneys from the firm handed out detectors at a Tops Market in Towanda in January as part of Carbon Monoxide poisoning Awareness Month in New York. William Mattar encourages anyone who has been harmed by exposure to CO to contact the firm to discuss your legal options with a qualified attorney.

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