North Tonawanda Resident Wins a Vacation from William Mattar

Posted: May 17, 2016


Tammy Notto from North Tonawanda will be planning an upcoming vacation for her family, all because she pledged to always wear her seatbelt when traveling in a motor vehicle. The Buckle Your Belt Contest continues to reward people in the Buffalo and Upstate New York region with a trip for four to Fern resort just by promising to always stay safe. The firm holds this campaign to continue their focus on the community.

Seatbelts can help prevent drivers and passengers from being ejected from vehicles or thrown into the dashboards, windows and windshields. By making the Buckle Your Belt pledge to always wear your seat belt, it could mean the difference between life and death. William Mattar also holds a Buckle Your Belt Classroom Contest each fall for local school students to make the pledge as well and for teachers to enter to win a pizza party for their entire classroom.

“It is great to see the involvement from the community in our Buckle Your Belt Program. Our hope is that everyone realizes the importance of this safety precaution.”

-William K. Mattar

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