The William Mattar Have a Heart Campaign: Support St. Luke’s Code Blue Homeless Shelter, Register for a Peanut Butter Plush

Posted: February 5, 2019

Buffalo car injury attorney William Mattar has been focused on helping people for many years, but this month they would like to help spread the word about a group of volunteers who work tirelessly to help the homeless.

During the month of February, the William Mattar Have a Heart campaign encourages everyone to ‘have a heart’ and support St. Luke’s Code Blue homeless shelter. When you support the shelter, you can then go to and request a limited edition Peanut Butter plush toy. As you may know, Peanut Butter Mattar is the sweet and spunky cockapoo member of the family who helps William Mattar on the annual Rescue a Shelter Animal campaigns in Western and Central New York. An 8” replica plush of the beloved canine is a thank you gift to those who respond to the call for action to help support St. Luke’s Code Blue shelter.

It’s easy to support St. Luke’s and just as easy to register for your Peanut Butter plush. Just go to the Community section on the firm’s website, Learn more about St. Luke’s and their community programs,  how many their 100% donation and volunteer-based programs serve each year, and follow the link to support them. Then fill out the registration form from the firm to claim your plush.* (*This limited edition Valentine Peanut Butter plush is available while supplies last.)

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We are proud to announce that William Mattar was named one of 2021’s Best Companies to Work for in New York. As a firm focused on helping people, we understand that this starts with how we treat each other. We’re happy to be recognized for creating such a notably positive work environment!

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