Buffalo Car Accident Attorney William Mattar Raises Awareness for St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy Code Blue Shelter

Posted: December 17, 2020

William Mattar law offices has begun its William Mattar 4 Code Blue campaign, raising awareness for Code Blue homeless shelters in our community and highlighting the vital operations of Code Blue and the urgent call for supplies and donations to help those in need. Code Blue refers to the lifesaving emergency program that provides shelter for the homeless during freezing nights. Many people throughout Buffalo rely on Code Blue shelters for critical services, including emergency shelter and hot meals. As the cold weather moves in, William Mattar encourages the public to support local Code Blue shelters, including St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy Code Blue shelter. St. Luke’s is again partnering with Restoration Society Inc. for Code Blue services, which include providing beds, hot meals, warm clothing, and transportation to the homeless during frigid winter nights. St. Luke’s needs donations and volunteers to continue to make a difference in the community.

“Code Blue means extreme cold and the need for emergency shelter for the homeless. Not all homeless shelters participate in Code Blue, and many of these shelters are donation and volunteer-based, so community support is critical. The William Mattar 4 Code Blue campaign emphasizes the need for donations, supplies, and volunteers so that Code Blue shelters, such as St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy, can continue their mission to help people,” said William Mattar.

Located in Buffalo, St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy is a 100% volunteer and donation-based Code Blue homeless shelter. When the temperature or wind chill drops to 15 degrees or below, St. Luke’s is one of a few Code Blue shelters that opens its doors to those in need during the Code Blue season. This year, St. Luke’s Code Blue program has been in effect since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and they are partnering with Restoration Society Inc. to provide Code Blue services. As an independent Mission, St. Luke’s does not receive funding from the government or Catholic Diocese. William Mattar invites you to support St. Luke’s so they can continue to make a difference in the community. Donations, supplies, and volunteers are needed and appreciated. For more information or to donate to St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy, visit www.WilliamMattar.com/CodeBlue.

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