Will my Health Insurance cover a NYC car accident

Posted: May 17, 2018

New York State is one of several states that have no fault insurance laws. If you are a resident of NYC/NYS at the time you were injured in an accident, it is likely that your automobile insurance will pay your medical bills, no matter who is deemed “at fault” for the accident.

The “no fault” provision of a NYC vehicle’s policy is called PIP, or personal injury protection. PIP covers an individual with a minimum $50,000 for paying medical bills and lost wages due to involvement in a car crash. Drivers in NY may also opt for additional coverage when purchasing car insurance. You must file for no fault benefits within 30 days of being physically injured in an accident or you will possibly lose your benefits.

Health Insurance vs. Personal Injury Protection

PIP does not compensate for emotional distress or pain. If your lost income amount and medical bills exceed what is covered by PIP, you may have to rely on your private health insurance or seek the assistance of a NYC car accident attorney.

Injured drivers or passengers may file claims against “at fault” drivers for pain and suffering not covered by New York’s no fault law, but only if the driver or passenger sustained a serious injury as described under New York’s insurance laws.

Does Medicaid or Medicare Pay for NYC Accident Injuries?

People on Medicare can expect vehicle accident injuries to be covered by Medicare after private health and no fault insurance pays for medical bills. People on Medicaid can also expect medical bills to be paid if they require treatment following a car accident. However, Medicaid recipients who bring a personal injury claim may have to reimburse Medicaid if they obtain compensation for accident-related injuries.

Pedestrians and bicyclists struck by vehicles in NYC are entitled to have treatment paid for by no-fault benefits provided by the driver’s car insurance company.

Learn More About Health Insurance Covering NYC Car Accidents

Dealing with insurance companies after an accident can be confusing and stressful, especially if you are a NYC resident recovering from serious injuries. Don’t try to get the compensation you deserve without the assistance of a car accident attorney. Call William Mattar today to schedule a free consultation and let us do all the legal work for you.

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