Will health insurance cover a Buffalo car accident?

Posted: August 8, 2018

New York is one of several states with a “no fault law” regulating car accidents and insurance coverage. Buffalo, and all NYS vehicle owners, are mandated to have no-fault insurance coverage. It means car insurance policies pay all or a portion of lost wages and medical bills even if the accident is the fault of the motorist. No-fault car crash claims are usually made through PIP (personal injury protection) provisions included in auto insurance policy.

Will a Personal Injury Protection Claim Pay for Car Accident Injuries?

PIP claims can ensure payment of medical bills, lost wages and various out-of-pocket costs following a car crash. However, no-fault insurance will not allow you to pursue compensation for pain and suffering. You may pursue compensation for pain and suffering against an at-fault driver if medical bills exceed a certain amount or the driver’s injuries rise to the level of a “serious injury.”

In order for Buffalo drivers to breach the serious injury threshold, they must directly bring claims to the at-fault driver and meet the definition of a serious injury under NYS laws.

If you have suffered serious injuries as defined under NYS laws in a Buffalo car accident, contact William Mattar today to schedule an appointment with a Buffalo personal injury attorney who may be able to file a claim against the at-fault driver and obtain adequate compensation for your medical expenses.

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