What to Write Down in a Car Accident

Posted: March 16, 2020

what to write down in a car accidentYou were just in a car accident. Now what? You may be left feeling stressed and frazzled. While collecting information about your car crash may be an afterthought, it should be something you do if you are not seriously injured. If you are involved in a car accident, there are several things you should consider writing down after you ensure you are out of harm’s way.

Information to Write Down in a Car Accident

While you are still at the car accident scene, there are a number of things you may want write down:

  • the number of vehicles involved in the car crash;
  • names of drivers involved;
  • how you believe the collision happened (do not speculate as it has to be based on your personal recollection);
  • vehicle damage;
  • witness identities;
  • ambulance information;
  • insurance information; and
  • towing information.

Document the Scene

With almost everyone carrying a smartphone, you may want to consider taking photos of anything related to the car accident. If it is safe and possible, take photos of the involved vehicles to show their positions, any property damage, and any bruising or lacerations on your body. Having photo documentation may come in handy during the claims process.

Identify Witnesses

Witnesses can be very helpful in determining who is at fault in a car accident. For instance, think about the following hypothetical situation involving an accident in an intersection:

Two drivers, Driver A and Driver B, enter the same intersection from different roads and both indicated they had the green light.

Driver A reports to their insurance company that they had a green light, and therefore, the insurance company refuses to pay Driver B for bodily injuries. However, Driver B, through a car accident attorney, informs the insurance company about a witness who saw the car crash take place. Driver B gives the insurance company the witness’s name and phone number so the insurance company can speak with the witness.

The witness corroborates Driver B’s side of the story, indicating that Driver A entered the intersection when the light was clearly red. Driver A’s insurance company finally agrees to pay Driver B for bodily injuries.

To protect your interests and avoid having your claim rest on a years-long he said, she said dispute, those injured in a car accident may want to gather the names and phone numbers of potential witnesses once they are in a safe place.

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