What is Liability in an Albany Car Accident?

Posted: January 15, 2019

Liability, in Albany and elsewhere, isn’t always easy determine. It’s also not always 100% the fault of one person. The information below outlines some possibilities and factors in determining liability.

Some Negligent Parties

When an accident is the result of one vehicle making a left turn across traffic, the vehicle making the turn is usually considered to be negligent. If one vehicle rear ends another, the vehicle that hit the other vehicle in the rear is usually considered to be negligent. It is likely that, unless you have extremely compelling evidence to the contrary, you will be considered negligent if you rear-ended someone or hit another vehicle while you were making a left turn.

Police Reports

In the Albany area, the police will usually come out and do a report for accidents with injuries or accidents with considerable property loss.

When the police do create a report, they are going to arrive after the accident has happened. However, police are trained to look for certain signs of negligence from one party or another. Long and deep tire marks can sometimes, but not always, indicate a vehicle was speeding before it slammed to a halt. That could indicate the speeding vehicle was negligent.

You should always check a police report to make sure the information is correct. Make sure that all of your contact and insurance information are correct as they are presented on the report. You can also request that information regarding the conditions surrounding the accident be changed. But, do not be disappointed if the police decide to stick with their own interpretation of the accident.

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