What Can I Do If I was Rear-Ended in Syracuse?

Posted: December 5, 2018

There are two things to remember when you are involved in a car accident in Syracuse. The first is to always get the insurance and contact information for the other party. The second is, if you are concerned you are injured, seek out emergency medical assistance. After the accident, it is entirely possible that you feel no injuries at all. But that does not mean that the adrenaline running through your body is not masking some potential injury. After you get medical help, you should visit one of our attorneys.

Getting Rear-Ended in Syracuse

Rear-End accidents are some of the most common accidents that occur on Syracuse roads. They can be the result of:

  • Weather conditions
  • A driver not paying attention at an intersection
  • A driver making a bad decision
  • A vehicle that is not properly maintained and cannot stop in time

People often do not realize that the slightest impact from a rear-end accident can not only damage their car, but cause injury as well. If you are rear-ended in Syracuse, you should take it seriously.

Whose Fault was it?

New York State is a no-fault state, which means that, generally speaking, the insurance company for the vehicle you were in at the time of the collision is going to pay for some lost wages and medical costs regardless of fault. However, negligence can still be established if you want to take the other driver to court for pain and suffering.

Establishing that the other party was primarily or completely to blame for the accident can also help your cause.

Keep All Medical Records

If you are injured in a Syracuse car accident, you should seek emergency medical attention. Then, if instructed by a medical doctor, follow-up with your doctor to get an update. You should retain all correspondence and paperwork involving your doctor visits and be prepared to provide that information to your attorney.

Our firm is ready to help you if you are ever involved in a rear-end accident in Syracuse. Our Syracuse car accident attorneys can help you to put together a claim and get maximum compensation to recover from your accident and get back to your life.

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